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Study in Germany -Would you like to study in Germany?

You have a real possibility to receive FREE European university education even without knowing German on the first stage of academic studies! The “FOUNDATION GERMANY” is the program designed to assist you in joining German universities.

Why Germany?

German higher education is of “Made in Germany” quality recognized worldwide. If you want to live and work in Germany this is your jumping-off place. German economy highly requires qualified young specialist, but employers are primarily interested in the specialist with German university diplomas. Federative Republic of Germany is one of not many countries where the tuition for Bachelor Degree in the majority of public universities is free of charge! MOREOVER, after successful graduation from German universities, foreign young specialists are granted the leave to remain in Germany for two years (!) for searching employment with German companies and receiving RESIDENCE VISA.  In this way, the non-European graduates get chances for prospective and highly paid employment in the country with leading economy equal to European ones.

How to enroll for studies to German university?

Admission to German universities for foreign students is normally conditioned by many formalities. The program “FOUNDATION GERMANY” specially designed in Duren of North Rhine-Westphalia for foreign students allows avoiding troubles, and upon 11 months of intensive classes and successful final examination one may enroll for studies to a German university or a school of higher education. The first stage of joining a German university is receiving substantial preparation.  Who can help? The lectures of German universities working within “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program are more helpful if compared to private tutors as they prepare future students according to the university profile and chosen department of study.  Every year “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program prepares more then 400 university/college entrants for prestigious German universities – mainly from China, India, and Malaysia. Starting from 2015 such opportunity is also available for young people from Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. So now, YOU can do it as well!

How to become a member of “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program?

In your location you are interviewed in English, German, or Russian on the topic related to your chosen subject of study.  For successful interview, intermediate level of English or German is sufficient as further you are supposed to attend the intensive course on the German language. Main requirements to candidates: purposefulness, discipline and strong personal determination to receive prospective European education. We will help you in completing visa formalities, transfer, accommodation, stay and security issues during academic period. The “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program in Duren is officially recognized and approves by the authorities of higher education of North Rhine-Westphalia, and presently it is the first one-year-program in the FRG designated for international university/college entrants wishing to study in German universities. Successful interview, even without speaking German is the only condition for participation in our program.

No other conditions implied!

Your prospects

Upon completion of the “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program and successful final examinations you are GUARANTEED admission to one of the public Universities with of FREE tuition (3-4 years). One may receive higher education in well-known and widely recognized institutions of higher education in the following cities of North Rhine-Westphalia as Bonn, Köln, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Essen, Bochum, Duisburg, and others. After completion of the first higher education stage and obtaining the Diploma of Bachelor Degree, you may remain in Germany for another two years in order to search for employment, and in case of signing a contract of employment, you may receive a RESIDENCE VISA.

What does the “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program include?


The program duration is one year – 10 – 11 months. The academic year consists of three semesters.  The classes are carried out in the groups of 6-10 students according to the special methodology designed in association with RWTH Aachen University. The lectures are given by the experiences lecturers of various educational institutions of FRG. During this period one receives (extends) competence in the German language. If you do not speak German, you attend classes taught in English and intensive German course. In this circumstance you have an opportunity to enroll for studies at the departments where the tuition during the 1st and 2nd academic years is carried out in English. After this as proved by experience one is fully capable to continue academic studies in German.

Daily routine

Every day 9 am to 4 pm (breaks and lunch included) one must attend required preparatory course for further academic studies followed by completing home tasks under tutor’s guidance and fee time. Saturday and Sunday are the days off.

Free time

During free time you may acquaint yourself with Germany in general as well as with local sights and traditions. There is also possibility to learn or enjoy some sports, such as tennis, horse-riding, golf, football, badminton, etc. (for reasonable additional fee in local clubs).


As the participant of “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program you are supposed to live and study in Duren of of North Rhine-Westphalia. This cozy town with the population of more then 90 thousand is the area center situated in the western part of Germany in the valley of the Ruhr River. It is found in the so called “triangle” of three bordering states: Belgium (30 km off Duren), Holland (30 km off Duren) and Germany. The neighbor cities are Köln (25 km off Duren), Bonn (50 km), Aachen (25 km), Dusseldorf (80 km). The habitation is in the flats and apartments for 2-3 persons with common kitchen, toilet and bathroom in the city or in the dormitory close to the academic building.

Food and meals

The cost of breakfast and lunch for every day of study, Monday to Friday included, are included in academic fee and are offered to the students in the canteen of the academic building, Duren. Dinner as well as weekend and holiday meals are not organized for students and are not included in academic fee.

Studies commence in October 2015.

The final examinations and admission to the universities are planned for June-August 2016.


The fee for the “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program is 22 000 Euro and it includes academic fee for the whole academic year, medical insurance, processing student visa formalities, security and control by academic staff, breakfast and lunch during academic period and Accommodation.

The program fee is paid once and subsequent  years of Education is  tuition “FREE”


Germany is known as one of the most developed and most secure European and world’s countries. The lecturers and teacher (some of them speak English, Russian) do apartment round on daily routine in order to ensure everything kept in order by students.  The chiefs and organizers of “FOUNDATION GERMANY” program perform regular checks of students’ academic performance, discipline, their health and security throughout their stay in Germany.

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