Education System

Ukraine’s education system is known for booming career’s and future development. One of the major tasks for the authorities is to provide top quality education into equal proportion for the Ukraine citizens. In the area of education and upbringing are involved 7% of Ukrainian professionals who teach 11 million students (22% of the population).

The available number of institutions is about 18500 for pre-school preparation. As per the constitution a record the secondary school takes part in the system and is free and easily reachable. Students attend approximately 22000 schools. Private sector in secondary education is insignificant. Totally, there are 200 private schools (1% of all the amount of students).

An alteration from Matric to +1 and +2 according to European standards is reaching heights. Moreover, there is no difference in content of Ukrainian (post-soviet) secondary education from standards of secondary school of other European countries.

On the foundation of lower secondary education and upper secondary education, one can opt for vocational education in 1003 technical institutions (utchilische). In Ukrainian system of Education College of Further Education (tekhnikum) refers to the lower part of higher education.

Advanced Learning:
Ukraine is a proud renowned country having millions of student education in terms of advance learning and is being considered one of the largest in the world. Here, in Ukraine, you can acquire higher education in specific academies /universities or institutes certified on level 3rd-4th. As far the degree process is concerned 4 years of studying you can get Bachelor degree, 5 years is for specialists(Among all the enumerated degrees Specialist is the most popular), five and a half or 6 years Masters Degree.

Your entrance to your dreamed university is based on the results of July-August entrance exams. The academic session starts from September 1st which lasts till the end of July, which is considered to be two months period. The first term begins from September to January and the second one (February – June. During the in between vacant time, students can go for holidays (The Summer holidays last for two months). . At the end of each term the student takes 3 or 5 examinations and tests. The succeeding results lead to is a sure shot thing for entrance in the second session. Except the weekends the students have regular lectures, tutorials; work with materials in libraries and resource centres everyday.

For your acknowledgement, the advance learning course comprises of work placement where the students have the bright prospects to expand their experience. Recognition of qualification gained is the priority of the state. In case of successful graduation of a university students get the Diploma, no matter what form of property it refers to. The transcript of the subject list with marks is attached to the Diploma. Although the state guarantees the conformity to standards of qualification, the employer takes into consideration how authoritative the university is. Today, you can get the education in 313 universities, academies and institutes of Ukraine of 3-4th level of accreditation. Among them there are 220 state institutions, 93- non state. 54, 9 % of state universities students get free education

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